Allyson Felix dropped by Jimmy Kimmel, in two separate pieces that do not really play that well together. I can’t say I’m wild about either one of them, but the fact that she’s business on the top and Hefty Diaper party on the bottom is not helping me see their individual potential with clarity. The top might demand a snug, sleek pencil skirt. Having said that: Allyson Felix rules, and if I had her talented and hard-sculpted legs, I would show them off too, even in underwhelming shorts. Of all the Olympics stories, I may have rooted the hardest for Allyson to win more medals. She’s freaking 35 and has been to 5 Olympics and that dumbass Nike dropped her, and yet she RAN in Tokyo and got TWO and one of them was gold. She also seems extremely well-liked and admired by the other athletes. It got me, readers. It got me. (I could have done with three fewer viewings of her reading aloud the letter to her daughter, but that isn’t her fault. NBC is the one who rode that into the ground.)

Molly Seidel’s reaction to placing third in the marathon also thrilled me, and not just because she’s a fellow ND grad, though that’s a nice bonus. I was emotional seeing Simone Biles get up on the beam, and OBVIOUSLY when Tatjana Schoenmaker won her gold in the pool and started sobbing when she realized she’d done it, and in record time. And April Ross finally got gold to complete her set of medal colors. I know the Olympics are long over, but — beyond our posts about the swimming and the track and field and the gymnastics, I can’t remember if we really tucked into our favorite moments from Tokyo. What were yours? When were you surprised at how much you cared, or conversely, where did they lose you? And when are we going canoe sprinting? (Never. The answer is never. My shoulders would revolt after five seconds.)

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