Yes, it’s likely that wherever you are in the northern hemisphere is still warm! But the light has changed and autumn is coming whether we like it or not. And with it, you may find you need….a light cardigan. It also occurs to me that if you are returning to your office, or have recently done so, your old-ass Office Cardigan that you left over the back of your car might need replacing. I’ve worked from home since 2006 but boy do I remember my own Office Cardigan with fondness. It was a plain black one — basically the Forever21 version of the classic Jackie from J.Crew (and in the interest of clarity, I think J.Crew has basically shuffled off the Jackie to J.Crew Factory, although they’re not calling it that over there) — and it truly was a foot soldier in my goal to not be freezing cold at all times, a battle I am generally losing.  Treat yourself to warmer arms! Put your Sad Pandemic Sweatshirt into the Pajama Pile! (And please, someone buy this black cat/candy corn cardigan and wear it for Halloween. I KNOW one of you is an elementary school teacher whose kids would love this. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN.)

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