I’ll admit it, I would love to see Jamie Fraser wander into a modern-day party for Disney+. He would have a LOT of questions, and I’m honestly not sure what he’d ask first, but I imagine walking in on him three hours later very tipsy and weeping through a binge-watch of High School The Musical: The Musical: The SeriesĀ (which he will have chosen because, as James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, Laird of Broch Taurach, he is accustomed to a long name). Jamie himself did not attend this promo event in the U.K., but we got his on-screen daughter, Sophie Skelton. She looks very cute in this, even though it’s a bit wrinkly, and she busted out a fun and unusual shoe. It makes me sad that I’m so deeply anti-Brianna. Give HER a part on HSM: TM: TS, and we can turn this around, yeah?

My FAVORITE of the next Fraser generation also showed up:

Summer of Disney+ Event

That’s Lauren Lyle, a.k.a. Marsali, and there is something delicious about how Connecticut Preppy this is when you consider that Marsali is into surgeries and could probably deliver her own baby while also completing her farm chores. She’s veering wildly into being that sorority sister who married her finance bro fresh out of college, but he doesn’t like her to work even though he himself is often taking very late and smoky business meetings at various Manhattan hotels, so she’s stuck planning cotillions while privately plotting the best time to pull a Phantom Thread on him. Which… actually, Marsali could help.

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