Hello, Fug Nation! As you may have noticed, we have a new slideshow functionality that is awesome and way less clunky than our old one. The entire page no longer refreshes when you view a new slide, which: HOORAY. To go from slide to slide, just mouse over the left or right edge of the photo, and an arrow will appear.

There might be a few glitches with it while we work stuff out — sometimes the first photo will turned up cropped incorrectly (if you click to the next, and then back, it should fix it); sometimes the bottom of the photo where the shoes live will be cropped, etc. We are working on ironing out the kinks — SHOES MUST BE VISIBLE — and just wanted to let you know that we’re on it. If you see else anything weird-ass happening, please let us know, as always! Thank you and goodnight! Good morning. Whatever.

ALSO: We are delighted to inform you that, once again, we have a functional mobile site. CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST!