The Portrait of a Lady and Her Lady’s Maid:

It’s so weird to see them out of costume. In my mind’s eye, they’re always wandering about Downton in period garb — Lady Mary looking wan and being mean to Edith; Anna looking wan and not communicating well with her husband due to his uncontrollable urge TO MURDER. The good news is, neither one of these looks makes ME want to murder — I’d like to give them both hugs for wearing good shoes (Joanne Froggett’s are green, although it’s hard to tell here, and they are divine) — but I’m not sure that I’m enamored enough that want to leave either of them my vast and glorious money-pit of an estate.

Come into the library and tell me how you really feel:

  • I am aflutter with the stirrings of true love! A love that will make me overlook all social drawbacks to our union! (45%, 1,048 Votes)
  • I have notes. I have concerns. I am making that face the Dowager Countess makes when faced with something like, say, a chair on wheels. (25%, 587 Votes)
  • I love one and not the other, much as Lady Grantham sometimes seems to feel about her daughters. (26%, 608 Votes)
  • These both make me as unhappy as Lady Edith in essentially in any incarnation. (4%, 96 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,339

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