Jessica and I were just discussing how good Shenae Grimes has been looking on 90210 lately, so I suppose we made this happen — kind of like the time we accidentally killed Gregory Hines simply by having a conversation about whether or not he was already dead (and then finding out he had apparently died WHILE we were having that talk), or how every time we go away on a trip, somebody dies, like Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Gary Coleman… We have terrible unwanted powers, is what I’m saying. We can’t make ourselves win the lottery or get Intern George to show up to work merely by giving voice to it, but apparently our auras have no problem doing damage to the world. BE STRONG, ANGELA LANSBURY. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.

Anyway. Shenae:

GQ 2010
Booty shorts and a velvet duster? This is only okay if she moonlights as a vigilante superhero: Hotpants Nightingale, defender of the righteous, the victimized, and the clearance rack at Booty Barn. When you need her, just whistle The Thong Song and she’ll be there lickety split, unless there is traffic on the 405.