I’ve seen Attack of the Show, her stint on Greek, her ten seconds of screen time in Iron Man 2, her work on The Daily Show, and I’ve yet to understand what the big deal is about Olivia Munn and her occasionally very dead eyes. Although the Daily Show thing isn’t really her fault — the correspondent shtick on that show works better if you don’t have any prior knowledge of who any of them are, so it was a bad fit from the get-go. And although Miss Tyra would disagree, the dead-eyed thing probably isn’t entirely Olivia’s fault either, as I’m sure it’s difficult to get inspired when you’re wearing an outfit the color of the water in my mop bucket after I’ve done a lap around the kitchen floor.

GQ 2010
I think this is what Pepper or Molly would wear if somebody decided to marry Annie with Gossip Girl, creating a swanky Upper East Side orphanage where the skirts are pleated, the puffed sleeves only get rolled up three inches to Swiffer the floors, and the evil proprietress is scheming to remove their waists.