This pose cracks me up; they look like identical twins who decided to go to the Prom with each other, because high-school boys are so disappointing. We’ll call them Zoe and… Chloe. And Zoe is wearing her most expensive bellbottoms — she’s not into the establishment’s imposition of dress codes — while Chloe is expecting to become Prom Queen. They end up having a screwball comedy kind of night — Zoe hooks up with the football captain; Chloe punches out a mean girl she used to be friends with — and at the end, each understands the other better before agreeing to go to different colleges.

But what happens when Zoe isn’t there to stand with her double, and it’s left all alone?

Zoe Saldana To Unveil Wax Figure At Madame Tussauds Hollywood

The facial likeness isn’t bad, but why is she posing like she’s No. 12 in a line of fifty Miss America contestants? Also, when you’re going to make your waxwork stand that way, you should at least get her a gown that wasn’t sewn by someone who doesn’t actually understand how to use a needle and thread. Also, has Zoe Saldana ever worn something this boring? Usually these are based on actual outfits, but boy, even if Zoe DID wear that, certainly this aesthetic is not at all her defining moment.

But as waxworks go, this could be so much worse. In fact, we have seen so, so much worse.

The Celebrity Waxwork Hall of Shame
They're not ALL bad. Just MOST of them.

To the right is a slideshow of celebrity waxworks we’ve covered, and it includes a Morgan Freeman/Obama/Rihanna/Intern George Thanksgiving that must be seen to be believed (and also, which I wish would happen in real life, in front of cameras). There are also two jailbirds, two Cambridges, a great Prince Harry, and the meanest things that have ever been done to Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep.

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