This feels so very timely.  First, this is a handy and awesome excuse to eyeball Prince Harry,  as he heads off on a month-long military posting to Australia (Australian Fug Nationals, we expect a full report) and trots about in his uniform. Second, this is a wonderful and thematic occasion for me to remind you that our new book, The Royal We, came out on Tuesday, and you CAN and honestly, probably SHOULD buy it, for your own happiness. It may have a ginger rogue of a younger brother named Freddie? But I promise nothing.  And third, a reminder for Fug Nationals in Washington, DC, we are signing copies of The Royal We at Kramerbooks at 6:30 TONIGHT! (Thursday). That is located at:

1517 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

FYI, Seating at Kramerbooks is going to be limited, but there will be plenty of standing room (and we won’t drone on forever, don’t worry). If you require wheelchair accessible seating or require a reserved seat, please email Sarah at [email protected] and one will be happily reserved for you! Additionally, from Sarah: Numbered signing line tickets can be picked up at the bookstore cash register on the day of the event beginning at 5:30pm. Purchase is NOT required to receive a signing line ticket, but we appreciate and encourage you to purchase a copy of THE ROYAL WE from Kramerbooks.” Please know that Heather and I are going to sign every single book and are happy to take pictures, as well. (The pics from Tuesday’s event at Book Culture are awesome.) See you guys tonight!