Heather and I have some extremely exciting news to share with Fug Nation, which you may have seen if you follow us on Twitter, or FacebookI’m going to let the headline at The Hollywood Reporter speak for itself: Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman Teaming Up to Adapt The Royal We. (Just as a clarification, because there’s been some confusion, it is a feature film, not a TV movie [although I also love TV movies.)

Obviously, we are BEYOND THRILLED. Lauren Graham is going to be writing the script. Mae is, in the THR parlance, “being eyed” to star, in addition to producing along with Lauren; the translation is, she’s going to be Bex. And she is going to be the most perfect, charming, witty, heartbreaking, beautiful Bex you can imagine. I mean:

'The Duff' Los Angeles Premiere

Our reaction can be summed up thusly: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have consumed any media in your life, then Mae Whitman has either made you laugh, or cry. Probably both.  Independence DayOne Fine Day (SHE KNOWS INTERN GEORGE YOU GUYS… ahem, as do we obviously)! Arrested DevelopmentParenthood! And obviously, Lauren Graham is just the best. In short: This project has TWO Bravermans attached. That is two more Bravermans than we ever thought we’d meet.

Of course, there’s a long way to go between today, and the day you can all make fun of the shoes we wear to the premiere. But it’s thrilling just to be able to tell you that those two smart, talented women are even INTERESTED. We have no say in casting or anything, although we have requested a folding chair in the back of the room for Hot British Actor Day, for obvious reasons. But now that we have our Bex, we might as well have some fun brainstorming her cohorts. Personally, we keep imagining Hot Neville as Clive. And if he has been sitting around waiting for a royals project to brighten his life, Clive Owen might make an appropriately stern but hot Richard. In our imagination, money is no object, so let’s get crazy. Hell, Angela Lansbury just turned 90. Let’s make her the Queen Mum. CLEARLY everyone involved will agree to add in a murder for her to solve, quietly, in the background of all the royals scenes.

(PS, if you haven’t read the book yet and this is what finally pushes you over the edge to pick up the dang thing, our publisher would be alarmed if we didn’t help with that. Here’s your Amazon link; here’s your B&N link;  here’s your iBooks link; we trust that you know where your own favorite indie bookstore is; and if you live in a non-Canada/non-US country, you should be able to order it for your e-reader through Whatever Your Normal E-Reader Place Is.)

And now: Celebrate!