As we speed toward the one-year anniversary of all of us staying home much MUCH much more than previously — my last meal inside (or outside!) a restaurant was on March 4th, 2020! — I thought it might be, if not fun, then certainly illuminating to discuss what products we’ve actually used up in These Times when our Impulse Buy at Target purchases have surely dwindled. I, for example — prepare yourself for some glamour — have used up SO much bar soap. (I decided I might as well use my fancy guest soaps every day as (a) I’m now like Lady Macbeth in terms of how much I wash my hands and (b) I have no guests.) I’ve also run through my CosRX zit patches like mad because my mask gives me acne.  And I apparently use MUCH more olive oil than I would have anticipated.  What have you been surprised to go through quickly? Or — also interesting! — what has it turned out you don’t use at all?