Louis Vuitton may have been one of the great head-scratchers of the twenty-teens. Occasionally — and only more recently — it would churn out a custom piece for one of its ambassadors that made actual sense, and was beautifully done. Otherwise, it was always melange of monkey business with some boots chucked in at the end. This appears to be a jumpsuit, with a cheap backpack strap masquerading as a belt. If that were a blouse, and it were lined, okay! But it isn’t, and wasn’t, and so we’re getting hideous scaffolding in there as well as weird sagging waistband that the “belt” can’t conceal. Michelle Monaghan, you don’t need to be an instrument of their inane design vomit! May the new roaring ’20s bring us all a lot of in-person events where NOBODY stands for shenanigans.

[Photo: Getty]