This is a direct request from Fug Nation and also one of my favorite topics — and very appropriate, given that it’s Skin Cancer Awareness month (make an appointment to get your moles checked!) and we’re heading toward Memorial Day, and with it, loads of pool and beach and lake time for everyone, and we all need to re-up our stores of sunscreen, surely.

In Friday’s Fugs & Pieces, I mentioned that I’d recently ordered the new Glossier facial sunscreen, which is what prompted a variety of requests for this chat. It arrived the next day, so I’ve been wearing it for about three or four days now, and I really like it. My issue with face sunscreen is that I feel like it’s often sort of gloopy and it’s unpleasant to put on, but this goes on very smoothly and dries in a way that I can only describe as….normal. It’s not sunscreen-y, although it has a classic sunscreen smell that I personally love. And it’s clear, so it doesn’t muddle my face makeup. I really like it — my one note would be that not enough sunscreen comes out with each pump of the applicator.  If you like their other products, you will really like it, I think. But god knows, I think we all want to hear about everyone else’s Holy Grail of Face Sunscreen.

AND your favorite body sunscreen (I like the kind I can spray on, but I also use SuperGOOP but I also like just your normal Target brand, TBH — does Target make a spray-on?). AND your favorite sunscreen for your kids. AND SELF-TANNER. I need self-tanner recommendations!

Please! Give recommendations, get recommendations, and don’t forget to wear a hat!