Alert! We are officially on the other side of this tour’s mid-point, and we’re marking that with a very busy day in Fiji, where — I assume I don’t even need to note this? — I wish I, too, were working.  Today, we’ve got PATTERNS and wreaths and dress uniforms and speeches and women entrepreneurs.

First of all: Meghan is wearing this patterned wrap dress and thank GOD I cannot afford it because if we learned anything from Kate’s tour of India, it’s that I CANNOT RESIST a Patterned Dress Worn on Tour By a Duchess. (Although I would be remiss in not telling you that the green version of it IS on sale, although still pricy.) I think it’s delightful on her. I love a pattern — and also we were JUST saying that she might need to move into the Wrap Dress Experience for reasons of fit, and LO! here we are. I recognize that the pom pom aspect of it is slightly absurd, and yet I cannot resist a pom pom. (I actually bought these shoes this summer, and then returned them because they were too bonkers even for me, but I feel like just TRYING them says something about my weakness for a pom.)

Meghan is also wearing these espadrille wedges, which is ALSO probably wise in terms of the Walking on Grass needs of this event.

Let’s see, what else? Well, I’m still obsessed with Memorial Wreaths:

They’re always put together with such care, and they’re always beautiful.

Meghan’s speech about education was excellent:

This is all interesting:

Part of what Meghan learned about today was a UN Women’s Project called Markets for Change; we talked a lot before she got married about whether or not she’d be continuing any of her previous work with the UN after she formally joined the royal family. Although I don’t believe she ever specifically was involved with this exact program, I’m sure she was glad to be reunited with the United Nations, and this seems like a cause that’s right up her street. I love that part of this day involves highlighting local businesswomen.

Also I cannot lie: I want these throw pillows:


We once had a really interesting conversation here about the kind of things people like to buy and bring home when they go on vacation (or are away from home for other reasons), and I LOVE seeing what local people anywhere make and sell, from crafts to local foodstuffs. It’s always such an interesting look into the daily lives of other people. If I were Meghan, I feel like I would have come back from this engagement like, “hello, I just bought nine throw pillows.”

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