Can we talk about how Olivia Palermo has been nailing it of late?

Okay, I know, there is more to Olivia Palermo than her feet. And we’ll get there eventually. But I want to start with what struck me first, and that is: Holy CATS, these are great. They’re not super revolutionary and they’re not five-inch platforms and they don’t have money in the soles and they’re not made of knives and fishing lures, or whatever. They’re just really cute shoes in really cute colors, and sometimes, both of those pack a greater punch than seventy-five buckles and a heel made of a violin.
Let’s see what she paired them with:


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On the left we have a retro dress that bisects her with a beige bow, but the blast of pink makes it all a touch more modern, and I like it on her — being as slim as she is, I think that by wearing stuff that’s not skintight she probably gets a lot fewer people calling her up and begging her to eat some meatballs, even if perhaps a meatball here and there would be advisable. My point is, she doesn’t look hungry, unhealthy, or desperate for your love; just expensively cool. And with the leather outfit, she’s taken a fairly blank canvas and made it fun with a great necklace and exactly the right pops of color in her hand and on her feet. I think that was her exact function on The City as well — taking something full of potentially boring people (with the exception of The Great Kelly Cutrone) and punching it up. Granted, that was by engendering in them and the audience a desire to punch HER,  but whatever, it worked.
2010 ACE Awards Presented By The Accessories Council - Red Carpet
With this, we have a lot of jewelry with her feathery skirt and transparent sleeves and electric-blue shoes with neon yellow accents. And yet she somehow looks pulled together, and not like she loaded up at grandma’s condo because she was told she could keep whatever she could wear out of the building. It’s a fine line, but she’s walking it. She’s like a savant with accessories. Lucky for Joe Zee — The City made him seem crazy for keeping bratty, boneheaded Olivia on-staff, but he accurately defended her interesting taste and knack for styling, and we suspect Mr. Zee knows whereof he speaks, since he’s a bigwig at Elle (and also, it’s worth noting, apparently one of the most genuinely nice, competent, and awesome people in fashion). Of course, now that The City is canceled, he’s probably thrilled to be shot of her, but I find myself kind of hoping she’ll get another project, because love her or loathe her — and I’ve felt both — she’s becoming somebody whose outfits are really interesting to follow even when her antics are tiresome. Kind of like Lady Gaga, except… yeah, you know what, I find her 100 percent tiresome, so congrats, Olivia, you’re one up on The Pantsless Wonder.