I just can’t crack this one.

Premiere Of Fox Searchlight Pictures'
Let’s start with the hair: Surely those bangs are a piece, no? They’re so shiny and uniform. And severe. And don’t appear to meld well with the rest of her hair. Also, speaking of shiny, let’s move down south to the dress, which is so replete with sheen that I am tempted to offer it blotting papers. It’s so sheened up, it just destroyed a hotel room. It’s oozing so much sheen that Two and a Half Men could replace Charlie with it for ten episodes and nobody would notice. Plus: boxy like an old Volvo.
What would you fix here? The color, the fabric? The cut? The head-suit? Is this salvageable? Or is there absolutely nothing wrong? Because, see, I appreciate where Amber is going with this, truly; I’m just not sure I want to go there with her unless she PROMISES me we’re going to sit in a swamp and sing “Rainbow Connection.”