All I know is that my FIRST reaction to this is, “DUDE. Madonna. When you’re wearing something to an event that BLAKE LIVELY already wore, in JANUARY no less — nearly an entire decade ago, it feels like — and that SOPHIE MONK OF ALL PEOPLE  was also already photographed in, albeit in August, then we ALL know you are OFF YOUR GAME.” Behold:

5th Annual Fashion Delivers Gala

I mean, sure — the rest of us don’t worry about whether or not someone’s already worn our perforated bootaloons and we also repeat outfits all the time. But none of us are Madonna (except you, Madonna — hi!), who built her entire career on the concept of looking new and interesting. But the main question, truly, is who pulled off her perforated bootaloons with the most verve?

Should you need a refresher, behold Ms Blake “I just read that she might be taking up with DiCaprio, and that’s going to get INTERESTING” Lively:

Eric Daman Celebrates

And Sophie Monk:

A star-studded event for Candy Ice Jewellery at MyStudio in Hollywood, CA

And your poll: