If you’re unfamiliar with the provenance of the title of this post, it’s derived from our World Cup coverage of the men, which, yes, featured abs and quads, but also a lot of cool action shots and discussion of the uniforms. We love an athletic bod as much as the next pair of decrepit bloggers, and that goes for the ladies, too, who work every bit as hard and are every bit as fierce and should be every bit as proud of both their prowess and the physical tools they’ve honed to get there. Interestingly, the women don’t seemt as thigh- or abs-forward as the dudes — which is fine! That is not the ENTIRE point of these posts. It just calls to mind Brandi Chastain ripping off her shirt and celebrating in her sports bra, easily is one of the most iconic pure-joy moments in sports to me. It was just so honest and gleeful. I remember it SCANDALIZING people back then, which is absurd. Anyway, these ladies work hard at their craft and I will celebrate their skills and their bravery and their muscles, and if anyone else flashes happy ab, I will share it with you.

I had to jump into this coverage late, so I’m sure I’ve missed a couple alternate kits in here; this is my best effort at a rundown and I’ll try to be as current as possible going forward. The Round of 16 starts on Saturday; England plays Cameroon on Sunday and the U.S. plays on Spain on Monday. The rest of the schedule is here.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]