As ever, I have thoughts. My main thought is that I might not love this color, but the problem is that I can’t figure out what the color actually is. (Nothing will ever top this Jenny Packham, as far as I am concerned, but I confess that I was hoping for something a little more like this Alexander McQueen — also, btw, from a Bond premiere.) (PS: That first link also includes the infamous Harry Looks Longingly At Champagne/Kisses a Puppy Polo Outing, which is one of my favorites.) On the other hand, I applaud that the back is sort of secretly sexy and it’s very floaty, and who doesn’t enjoy a sparkly belt/a complicated updo? Let’s discuss at length. (We will also cover the rest of the Spectre premiere eventually, don’t worry. You guys, people looked GOOD.) (Could this post include any more parenthetical asides?)

There is also video, courtesy of The Telegraph. The musical choices made there are very apropos.

(In case you missed it, they also had an outing this morning. Kate’s day dress was incredibly cute, and everyone chucked rain boots at things. Seriously.)

And, in our new and continuing series, Someone New At Kensington Palace Is Doing Their Social Media Now And It’s WAY BETTER, this is kind of rad. (If you click on the embedded tweet, you can flip through the archive pics.)