And we’ve arrived in Bhutan! It looks amazing. This is the trip of a lifetime (all of the royals reporters I follow on Twitter are tweeting with a barely restrained undercurrent of “holy shit I can’t believe I’m here,” as would I in their shoes). If any of you have been in Bhutan, please tell us all about it. It’s only been open to tourists since 1974, and, if I understand correctly, you must go with a previously approved tour group. Other than the inherent interest in this location, today’s events are very interesting (as ever, our friends at What Kate Wore have excellent coverage of some of the pertinent details), and involve both archery and a cape. TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. Also involved: a quasi-kira for Kate (which is a traditional Bhutanese garment), and a mug that I covet mightily.

PS: As a general note, recently comments about this tour have gotten somewhat contentious. That happens with Kate posts occasionally, for whatever reason; it’s part of the cycle of life, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal. People are invested and interested in the subject, and overall, that is a good thing. However, I’d just like to reiterate that while disagreement — with me, or your fellow posters — is welcome (wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed?), please disagree civilly, and give your fellow posters the benefit of the doubt that they’re trying to do that as well. I think these royal tours are fascinating and fun and we’re all here because we enjoy something about them (presumably), so let’s keep it congenial.Thank you!

[Photos: Chris Jackson/Getty images, Getty Images]