Look, I don’t know WHAT has changed for Kate, but she has definitely been dressing in a more interesting manner over these last few weeks. She almost always looks her most fashionable best when she and Wills are away from home — perhaps she, paradoxically, feels less scrutinized when they are on tour and therefore is willing to take more risks — but I’d argue that even in this UK, this month has brought with it a definite dash of Fashion Fashion. It’s been fun! As far as tonight’s outing, I actually really love this dress — nd given that this is an event with “creatives,” it feels right that it’s a wee bit fashion-y. I might wish she’d worn black strappy sandals with it, but I could be convinced otherwise, because there is some of that stone-beige color in this particular frock. Regardless: PROGRESS!

Do you think enough people came out to photograph them?

[Photos: Getty]