It’s my understanding that New York City has been so steamy, even the sun is like, “Ugh, I need a milkshake.” So I’m not sure how or why Dove Cameron decided to wear long sleeves AND a long skirt, unless that thing is packing some serious personal air conditioning. I don’t dislike this, in theory; for autumn or winter, it even makes sense, but I think on this day I’d have swapped in a different shirt. What really gets me are the shoes, though. They are hooves. They are so clunky and chunky that the only person I can imagine loving them is Queen Elizabeth II, who doubtless has major orthopedic reasons for┬áthis kind of practicality. At the VERY least, on a 90-plus degree day, child, get thee some sandals.

The cast of

Not even great sunglasses can distract from the fear that her ends are REALLY fried.

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