Without the helpfully screechy DIOR sign in the background, and the branding on her feet, I might not have guessed this was from the house that Hepburn called home. (Wait, I have been informed that I’m conflating that with Givenchy, which I think is because they’re both awful now.) Admittedly I haven’t kept up on its latest repositioning, but given that this dress isn’t transparent and it doesn’t look like it had an affair with Joe Boxer, the usual tells are not present. This feels clumsy to me, especially in the skirt region, in a way that suggests they’re severly winging it over there. Natalie looks like she isn’t clear whether she’s posing for cameras, or bringing over the first basket of warm tortilla chips.

Perhaps something is in the water right now, too, because we have both Duchess Kate and Natalie Portman making appearances in off-the-shoulder and vaguely boho-inspired red dresses. All we need is another noteworthy brunette in one, because isn’t three a trend? Get thee to Net-a-Porter, Meghan Markle.

[Photo: WENN]