I decided to just jam these two events together into one post because why not? We’re all here. We can consider it a mini Royals Round-Up.

First off, Beatrice and her boyfriend who I mistrust for literally no real reason have finally announced their engagement; apparently they were betrothed in Italy last month. We’ve got the engagement pics — snapped by Eugenie! — in the slideshow and she does look gorgeous and happy, and her ring and her dress are lovely.  (It’s this Zimmerman that I think looks better on a person than you’d think.) Good luck and God bless! The wedding will be next year, and I’ll be interested to see how much of a to-do it is in light of the competing facts that Andrew loves attention and that Andrew does not currently need/deserve any more attention. (The Mail

As is her wont, Fergie is really hitting social media hard with her joy:

Second, Wills and Kate went to Birkenhead to christen a polar research ship, the RSS Sir David Attenborough, the ship that was meant to be named Boaty McBoatface. (Mr. McBoatface did eventually get his due, however.) I am disappointed to inform you that no one smashed a bottle of champagne over the bow directly, but Kate did get to push a button that, like, DEPLOYED champagne smashery. She’s wearing a McQueen we’ve seen loads of times before over the last five years.

BOATY MCBOATFACE. Maybe I’m engaged to Boaty McBoatface:

I need to leave you with this:

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