We don’t have TONS of photos of this — as is right and proper, it’s not like there was a step-and-repeat at a Memorial Service — but there’s no reason for us not to appreciate the very Maxima-y hat on Kate, and her beautiful black coat. It is, of course, McQueen, and coincidentally, I believe she last wore it with Maxima.

We’ve also got some (mildly fuzzy, but beggars can’t be choosers) video:

My fave part of that video is that the crowd GASPS when William gets out of the car.

The requisite Deep Wikipedia Dive on the Duke of Westminster (which I believe I also did when he died in August) brought hardly any scandale or dramz at all (which is why I couldn’t remember I had done it). His heir is one of Prince George’s godparents and is also INSANELY RICH, like SUPER MEGA CRAZY rich. Which must be nice for them, but, personally, I wish people would think of ME and do something bonkers just once in their lives, to bring me Wiki Deep Dive Joy. Write a book about how you talk to trees, or something. Be an eccentric billionaire! What is even the POINT of being a billionaire if you aren’t a little eccentric? I ask you.

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