So sparkly, so textured. That gown would be a total stunner, had it not clearly caught on her closet doorknob and ripped nearly in two. In that sense, I should probably thank the pants for stepping in and saving her pelvis from some southern exposure. I appreciate that she’s trying to bring a little more style to the old dresses-over-pants trend, but it still strikes me as drama for the sake of it rather than anything I actually want to see.

Also, it’s nutty that a trend we bewailed when GFY began is now, 12 years later, trying to reinvent itself. I hope this isn’t the universe’s way of bringing us full circle and then slamming the door on us. Of all the trends to be the death of us, dresses over pants would not be the one I’d expect. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx us and that The Secret isn’t real.

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