I suppose it’s appropriate to wear a major ballgown at the finale of a ballroom dancing show, even if this is less Strictly Ballroom than it is Waltzing Across the Well-Waxed Von Trapp Floor (Not A Euphemism) While Gossiping About The Nanny. It’s a beautiful, dramatic dress; if she’s a little overdressed for a cheap-and-cheerful network shlockfest, it’s at least nice that she makes an effort and takes the gig seriously.

If only her right nipple guard had done the same.

Julianne Hough

Bad form, Jack. You NEVER take the floor when it’s not your turn.

Edited to add an Instagram that Hough posted…

Mid show potty break with this big ol' dress! preppin' for the weddin'

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Best dry clean that thing when it comes back, Georges.

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