It’s bad enough that one person was shoehorned into those contraptions. I had at least hoped Hailee would be the object lesson to everyone, but I guess webbed shoetaloons are simply too irresistible a challenge. We’ve had a few looks at Hailee’s lately, including the above, so let’s give Alessandra’s entry some time on the stage:

Celeb arrivals at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

Truly, debating which one is better is a fruitless argument, but we might be able to ponder which one is mildly less of a grievance against our eyes. I like that Alessandra’s does not have a weird crotch bib, and the overall design is better… except, it’s also part-pizza, and there is underboob, so whatever points it gained have been lost. The leg sheaths look less jarring to me in black, though. Maybe? Is it possible the sequel has surpassed the original at least in the merest way?

[Photos: Getty]