This all looks very Arthurian to me.

Like, the King of Country — or an aspiring one, anyway — is just hanging out, minding his own beeswax, when suddenly the Lady of the Lake slithers over to him and proffers an all-powerful tool which he can use to conquer the world. The tool here being her celebrity, and the world being the Internet and every magazine, up to and including all the ones that believe she is pregnant with his miracle baby.

And what is up with her makeup?

Like, where is Gwen Stefani’s essence of Gwen Stefani? Why has she turned herself into an anonymous piece of tinsel draped on Blake’s suit? You are a strong and successful female artist, Gwen, besides which you are SUPER FAMOUS and — if you want to get competitive about it — you were here first. Make HIM be YOUR tinsel.

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