Well, look. Kesha has been through a lot lately. This Dr. Luke stuff (if you’re not familiar, here is a timely primer) is horrific, and I’m sure there have been times she was afraid she’d never work again. So on the one hand, she’s got a lot more on her mind than what to wear, and I kinda want to cut her some slack.

And this is also light years ahead of the stuff she used to wear, when she was allegedly under Dr. Luke’s thumb in a major way, so that in itself is a victory. Do I LIKE it, on its own merits? Weirdly, I kind of do. It’s not perfect, but it’s kicky. Let’s just assume she’s dressed as a glitzy matador as a metaphor — like, her way of saying she can fight both the horns of the beasts AND the bullshit they expel.

And this outfit is saying that she will celebrate her victories with a bucket of Extra Tasty Crispy, which she will prepare for you at no extra charge. GO GET ‘EM, KESHA. Bring some sides.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]