I’ll give Rihanna this: Her vintage outfit here is totally, totally, unexpected.

Unfortunately, it also looks like she forgot to change out of it after her hair appointment. So her points for surprise get canceled out by shaky execution. This is why gymnasts get two attempts on things like the vault: So they can average their scores. Here is Rihanna’s second run:

Looks like Gumby has taken a lover. In 1984. And yet, something about how demi-Dynasty this is makes me smile. I’m going to average this out to a passing grade, abetted by how lovely she sounded in her “Love On The Brain” performance.

And this is sort of shapeless, but I also rather like the color, and it completes the trifecta of Doing It Differently. Altogether it might not be enough to get her on the medal stand, but she’ll finish in the top six, and that’s not nothing.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]