Okay, yes, I am chiefly covering this premiere so that we can discuss — and make snap judgments about — See. Friends, I laugh every time I watch the commercials for it. That cannot be what Apple or anyone else hoped for, as it’s apparently a dramatic hard-driving dystopian drama about a world in which the human race can no longer… wait for it… see. But I am concerned Alfre Woodard is the only person in it who can act as if she cannot… wait for it… see, without looking cartoonish. Oh, but then Jason Momoa’s wife has twins who can… wait for it… see. We know this because Jason intones, “Something’s different. They have the ability… TO SEE.” I have an important question about this: HOW DOES HE KNOW? In the trailer, they are still infants. They can’t tell him they are able to… wait for it… see, because they can’t… wait for it… speak. Can he hear them seeing? I’m definitely not going to pay to get Apple for THIS one, so I guess we’ll have to just hang in there and… wait for it… see.

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