Two beautiful women stand before me, but there is only one photo underneath this paragraph. One of you is wearing a gleaming, glittery festival of an outfit, but with a blazer that is inexplicably very long. She is also relatively new to this red-carpet game. And the other is an industry veteran, but in a cropped jacket made even more confusing by the presence of a thong neckline and bra that is raining plastic tinsel. So who goes home? Is it the comparative rookie with the long-line top, or the expert who’s dressed like all the worst things Victoria’s Secret has ever tried to sell?

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - October 22, 2019

Sorry, Naomie. But these wrap overalls made by Monse from business trousers were the ultimate dealbreaker.


Just promise me you won’t quit on yourself. You have so much potential.

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