Did you know that Chris Evans has a brother, named Scott, who is ALSO handsome, and who was on 137 episodes of One Life to Live? He played a police officer with — as one would expect of a character on 137 episodes of any daytime drama — problems. (For example, per Wikipedia, “[He and his boyfriend] try to go on their first date but [are] interrupted because someone stole Nash Brennan’s body from the grave.” I mean, who hasn’t had that happen?) (Wiki tells me that Nash was “an aspiring vineyard owner,” who had problems of his own because he was in love with someone with multiple personalities but he only liked one of them, and that one was married to someone else. Also obviously he’s dead.) (Also, this is amazing: “In November 2009, Mitch Laurence digs up Nash’s body in order to give the false hope to Jessica that Nash could still be alive. Jessica comes across Nash’s highly decomposed corpse shortly thereafter.” THAT’S THE END OF THAT CHARACTER’S WIKI. Rude!) (Mitch of course had been killed like 7 or 8 times, including — if I recall correctly — once on the astral plane.)

In additional news: Both Evans brothers like a low-key, reasonable bomber jacket. All of this is information that I felt like you needed!

[Photo by Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock]