Sparkles aren’t new for Taylor, but at least this seems more adult than the glittery nude, silver, or gold princess gowns she usually picks — and I mean “adult” in a nice, transitional way, not Betty White-aged but rather a smidge more sophisticated and appropriate for a girl who allegedly just wrote a song about how she hooked up with John Mayer, who is in his thirties:

58th Annual BMI Country Music Awards - Arrivals
But, see, do I LIKE it, really? Or am I just afraid that if I DON’T like it, she’s going to write a song called, “Dear Blogger,” in which she wails all about how we were so close and we took long walks down the red carpet together and she thought I was The One, and now she thinks I’m an evil, rotten, heart-slashing jackwagon who preys on the innocent?
No. I am pretty sure it’s good on her, basic thought it may be. Sheathe your pen, Taylor (and for what it’s worth, you too, John Mayer, in a more euphemistic sense). I bring peace.