So, okay, I only know these people from last year’s ads — or was it the year before? — where they write each other a love song and she buys him a guitar on the Web site, or something. I don’t remember. But apparently Joey + Rory placed third in a show called Can You Duet on CMT, the title of which only reminds me of the really funny double entendre in “Let’s Duet” from Walk Hard, and they are a real band and he’s an established songwriter, and stuff. So.

58th Annual BMI Country Music Awards - Arrivals
I am sure that somehow this is Rory’s shtick, wearing the overalls with the crisp white dress shirt. (I have no idea if Joey’s shtick is dressing like a Brownie who just earned both her sewing AND genealogy merit badges, but I’m going to assume not unless she shows up at the next event dressed as a Brownie who has earned, say, Horse Lover and Computer Skills). So the question is, does simply having a shtick make it okay? Is the on-the-nose folksyness of country man Rory’s fresh overalls and the Fancy Gala Event just plain darling, or are you groaning and hissing that he should go on Overstock and look for a suit?
For terribly boring technical reasons that hopefully will be resolved in a few weeks’ time, I have to put the poll after the jump: