On one hand, it’s always nice to see child stars all grown up and not Lindsay Lohanified.

Glamour Magazine Honors The 2010 Women Of The Year

On the other, it would also be nice to see this hemmed about two and a half inches. I just want to scamper over to Anna “My Girl” Chlumsky here, staple gun this mother up a hair, and disappear back into the night. The Phantom Hemmer, they’ll call me, and I’ll travel from event to event, helping folks get their bits and pieces to the magical length before vanishing in a puff of smoke and a swirl of my cape. I would be almost as beloved as Superman, just not quite as good at turning back time. What do you think needs fixing here? Would you hem it, too? Lop off the shoulder piece? Change it to shocking pink? Or leave the kid alone after giving her a celebratory high-five for not turning into an alarming adult? Have at it in the comments: