It’s been a while, but she looks basically exactly the same:

And for that, and her polka-dots, I give her a hearty round of applause. You know what else would make me clap for joy? A Models Inc. revival. Come on — we’ve resurrected 90210, Melrose Place, even Dallas. Dynasty is too much of a sacred cow for me, but don’t we all want to know where the models went? Remember how Carrie-Anne Moss was drugged and sold into sex slavery? And how the girl who was thrown off the balcony in the pilot turned out to have a dead-ringer sister? And there was the boring pouty girl who was on Melrose and keyed the spinoff and ended the series in rehab, and the mean blonde Australian who was totally awesome, and Garcelle Beauvais, who shot her abusive ex. And so many people with Secret Pasts. And did Emma Samms’ character REALLY get shot at the big wedding? I mean, if Kickstarter is going to become a breeding ground of Hollywood projects, let’s make it count.

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