* Edited to add Lin-Manuel freestyling with prompts from Obama in the Rose Garden!

As you may have heard, the cast of Hamilton visited D.C. to discuss the show’s educational initiatives with the Obamas, and performed a mixtape of the show for a select White House audience. A livestream covered the first two songs (“Alexander Hamilton,” which they sang YEARS ago in its infancy for Obama — and you should watch it because LMM sings the whole thing as Aaron Burr and it’s different, and he’s SO YOUNG — and “My Shot,” which means Hercules Mulligan got to croon about sex and corsets) and though I hoped it’d come back an hour later with Daveed Diggs going, “What’d I miss,” it did not. I guess not everyone can be in the room where it happens, huh, Mr. Burr, sir?

After the jump are a selection of Instagrams of the event, including a look at Angelica, who SHOULD have gotten to sing “The Schuyler Sisters” with Peggy before the feed cut out because nobody ever lets them get that far and they deserve it — especially after Obama called them out for being awesome.

At least they got to do this:

The dress on Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica) is Suno, and I’ll update this if I get a credit on the others, but don’t they look gorgeous? Yes, even Peggy. [UPDATE: An eagle-eyed commenter ID’d Jasmine Cephas-Jones — Peggy — as being in Ted Baker.]

Parenthetically, I’ve thought long and hard about what they should sing at the Tonys, and I hope it’s NOT “Alexander Hamilton,” because they already did it at the Grammys and WE KNOW he is a bastard orphan son of a whore and a Scotsman dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean. What I’d like is portions of “My Shot” into “The Schuyler Sisters” so that, as I said, the entire cast gets its spotlight. But since the Tonys are in New York and “The Schuyler Sisters” features the line, “History is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world,” that would make for a pithy choice. However, while Lin-Manuel is a giver, I don’t think he’ll have them do a number in which he does not feature — in part because the audience at large flat-out wants to see him. Can they just do the first four or five songs in toto? THANKS. Or, do a “My Shot” riff with James Corden for the opener about how he’s not throwing away his to be the host, and then “Schuyler” for the cast performance. Although I’d also bet decent money on Corden walking out from backstage at some point dressed as King George.

Okay, the ‘grams:

First, you need to know that these two — Anthony Ramos (Laurens/Philip) and Jasmine Cephas-Jones (Peggy/Maria Reynolds) are dating. Which I LOVE.

Madison y Madison. #bam4ham #Presidents #whiteHouse #KatyPerry

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Feeling all the feelings right now at the White House!! #Bam4Ham

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Madison y Madison. #bam4ham #Presidents #whiteHouse #KatyPerry

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Sound check!!! White House Gig!!! #bam4ham @hamiltonmusical

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The resemblance is striking. #ThomasJefferson #Bam4Ham #whitehouse @hamiltonmusical

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The Schuyler Sisters! #Work #Bam4Ham #SoundCheck

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And in case you missed it, here’s today’s stream:

It begins at about the 40 minute mark, with Obama’s speech, so drag the slider there.

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