I was going to save this until Friday and Royals Round-Up, but several people have asked (and emailed) about why we’re not discussing the recent engagement of one Ms Pippa Middleton to her boyfriend, hedge fund guru and brother of a dude on Made in Chelsea, James Matthews (whose other brother died climbing Mount Everest, which is very dramatic), and who am I to make you wait?

The white frock is very subtle, Pips:

Subtle, but also cute. (You can buy Whistles at ASOS, by the way, AND I HAVE. I have a Wedding Dress — er, not a bridal gown, but a dress I wear to weddings — from them which manages to be both extremely sexy and also totally appropriate, which is nearly impossible. Anyway. Sidebar over. I like Whistles, the end.) She’s also well-accessorized:

I just love that bag. J/k: Obvs, the ring is a real sparkler. (Additionally, I am amused by the fact that, per The Mirror, as soon as Pippa smiled for these pics, she got into her car to drive to work and accidentally ran over her betrothed’s motorcycle. FOCUS, PIPPA. YOU STILL NEED TO FOCUS.)

In other news, Ladbrokes (the famous British betting shop where you can bet on anything) has odds of Kate being a bridesmaid at 1/3. I suspect she will not be, because she won’t want to Overshadow the Bride on Her Big Day. But I assume Wills will perform the ceremony wearing the traditional Elvis costume. Let’s discuss!

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]