Miranda wore this to some ceremony to do with the star on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and it’s really hard for me not to take that into account when evaluating it.

If she were going on the Today show in, say, May, or to a photocall in London in July, or even to the lighting of a holiday tree in deepest Hawaii, then great. This is quite cute, and the shoes and red lipstick are perfection with it. But it’s New York in November. And even if it was’t a full icebox at the time, there’s no way it was warm enough for this, which wants to be on an extremely large yacht docked near St. Tropez.

I mean, even SHE called in reinforcements:

Miranda Kerr Out In New York City During The Raising Of The Swarovski Star

Put the coat ON — like, your arms through the sleeves — and we’ll talk. But I still maintain this wants to be seen on a Jess Weixler/Saoirse Ronan type starlet in Cannes, and not at Rockefeller Plaza during a tree-trimming.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]