This first dress on Olivia is a brand called A.W.A.K.E, and I actually like it much more than I would anticipate liking it if you described it to me, if that makes any sense:

It’s BASICALLY a fancy napkin-turned-dress, but something about it is appealing to me, if not particularly mid-November (and I am not a person who really cares about that White After Labor Day rule, at all). I might have done a metallic shoe, but what else is new in this crazy, mixed-up world?

The night prior to that, Olivia stepped out in some Michael Kors:

This doesn’t feel very Kors-ian to me, unless Michael is going through a Lace Goth period — which, honestly, that sounds like it would be entertaining, so I hope it’s true. I will ALWAYS vote for the good story.

[Photo: Getty]