So, Kate Hudson is back, I guess. She’s the star of next year’s Campari calendar — The Mirror has the photos — and far be it from me to try to understand why someone would want to hang up a calendar full of photos of Kate Hudson standing next to a bottle of Campari; people are weird. I’d buy a calendar of Prince Harry standing next to a can of Foster’s. The heart wants what it wants. She’s also on this month’s Harper’s Bazaar (shot by Terry Richardson, ugh), because…hang on, let me go read the article. Because she’s got a book coming out in February and also is making a bunch of movies. Okay! Fair enough. (One of them is Mother’s Day, but these things happen.) All that said, as much as I like Kate Hudson — and I DO! She is a likable person! How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is charming and she’s charming in it — I don’t know if I think Kate Hudson is going to HAPPEN anymore. Am I wrong? I might be wrong. I kind of hope I am wrong. I’d actually love it if Kate Hudson landed in, like, the new Sex and the City and killed it all over HBO for the next eight years. Anyway, let’s discuss.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Harper’s Bazaar]