And we’ve got Kate in McQueen again. (Interestingly, this sort of reminds me of the Emilia Wickstead dress she wore, ages ago, that she revived this week in teal.)  This is not the first time she’s worn McQueen in this pale pink shade; you may remember her pink McQueen coat from The Queen’s Birthday in 2013, when Harry tried to high-five her. On Twitter, Fug National Lesliepedia noted that the cut of the vee on this bodice was  similar to that on her McQueen wedding dress, and I like that idea; it’s nice to see her in a different neckline than the usual. (PS: their wedding anniversary is Tuesday and we will be bringing you a wedding retrospective so you can ease your way out of daily royals shenanigans with maximum gown-age.)

Parenthetically, I know there is a faction of people who love these Sledge shoes on her, but I have to say that while I actually really like the shape of them — in a deeply classic, agonizingly appropriate kind of way — I also think they are a ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzz in this color. I don’t expect her to Go Cray and wear, like, polka dotted heels (although that would be cute), but the color of this dress is delicate enough that she could do something Never Nude. Even the charcoal gray ones she wore with the uplinked Wickstead! Free yourself from the tyranny of the nude shoe, Kate!

At any rate, this day looked fun: they hung out with kids and watched skateboarders and got to DJ and unveiled a plaza named after George, then flew home to hang out with Cheeksy McSqueezeable himself. (William must have a ton of streets and plazas named after himself. I hope sometimes he can name drop them: “Drive allllll the way down to where the road dead-ends in ME STREET and then hang a left. Don’t be late, Kate’s bringing a souffle.”)

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