Because we haven’t checked in on the Princess (I know, I know — close enough) lately. Also: she hasn’t been out that much lately. I’m sure Us Weekly will explain why, eventually. IS IT A SECRET BABY? (Probably not.)

This happened yesterday:

I particularly enjoy the trick of the light in this photo that makes her look as though Heaven Itself is lighting her path, and she is thinking, “Thank you, God, for giving me this hair.”

And this next one is a bit old — it happened in August, but I….was in a carb-induced coma? Who even knows what I was doing in August. Probably cocktails were involved. Still, we are nothing if not Middleton-completists, so I couldn’t resist tossing it in:

Adorably naval! And one day we’ll manage to get her in shoes that aren’t so Aggressively Sensible. I swear to you, Fug Nation, one day our shoe dreams will come true.

[Photos: Splash]