I need to watch more late-night television. Or Chastain needs to start doing late-night television. Or both. Basically, until the tabloids start to chase her down and interview her friends about her lovelife/diet schemes/skin secrets/latent desire to sleep with someone inappropriate, I am running low on opinions about her.

But I do think this dress works, especially given how hard it is to wear yellow. By now the formula is pretty much, “If you do it, and you’re pale, paint your lips red.” It’s not a  bad recipe. And much like other not-bad recipes, it’s clearly getting passed around, and then brought to parties, and then people take credit for it even though it didn’t originate with them and it leads to all their friends whispering, “She’s a PORK LIAR.” Except I guess here you’d replace “pork” with “lipstick.” I don’t know. Am I drunk again? Shit.