Cranial accessories seem to be inching their way back — and no, I’m not talking about hats.

I find this, in this context, strangely distracting on Victoria Justice — it’s kind of like an afterthought, like after she put on her jeans and leopard shirt, she realized her aura needed aligning or something and decided to slap a brainstone on her face to try and rejigger it. The question is, can the randomness of her mind crown top what Kourtney Kardashian wore at Fashion Week? Pardon me, Kourtney, may we have a word?

Yes, hello. Hi. I was just wondering how being emperor of Rome has worked out for you. P.S., Kim’s middle name isn’t Brutus is it? Just checking.

Whose was weirder?

  • Victoria's -- just looked plopped on there (54%, 3,823 Votes)
  • Kourtney's, because Kardashians are always weirder (46%, 3,272 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,100

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