I love this.

The dress is pretty fantastic — especially considering Her Usual — but then the hat is both AWESOME and TOTALLY CRACKED OUT, as it  expected from Fug Favorite HBC. She looks like the somewhat barmy but wickedly fun hostess at a weekend-long house party in the English countryside in the 30s. The sort that starts serving cocktails at the pool — which is lined with fabulous tile, of course. I have a very vivid image of this house in my head — at 11:30am and assigns bedrooms by sticking the person in question smack between their Secret Lover and their Arch Rival. For the drama, obviously. And then by the time dinner rolls around, she sticks one of her many outrageous chapeaux on her head and goes down to the dining room to watch the drunken sparks fly with a silent smirk.  As it should be.