I was going to put this up to a poll, but the more I looked at it, the more I decided I was going to TAKE A STAND and like it:

Hannah Tointon here was on Hollyoaks for one year, during which her character: took a bribe to move to America, but didn’t go; had a rageaholic murderer brother who beat up her boyfriend and then ran him over with a van; was kidnapped as bait when her Broken Legged Boyfriend’s Ex decided that she ALSO wanted to murder him (that guy must make some bad choices when it comes down to the people he hangs out with); ended up going off a bridge into a river whilst tied up in the back of a car; got kicked out of Community College Law School; blackmailed her way back into Community College Law School; nearly died of carbon-monoxide poisoning; cheated on her Broken Legged Boyfriend with some dude with whom she indulged in passionate shopping cart trolley races; and then left town. Considering all of that, I feel like she cleans up GREAT.