This is a high note on which to end the unofficial Week of CGM that’s unfolded on GFY. The red is a gorgeous deep shade; the dress is cute. Like everything she’s been wearing lately, it’s a lot more fall/winter to me than the dead of summer, but I suppose that’s between her and her sweat glands. At any rate, I approve.

She must like those shoes, because she also owns them in black:

Celebrities Visit Build Series

There is a LOT going on here, pattern-wise. I like the sophisticated cut of the dress. I wish the waist tie matched her right sleeve, though, because bringing in the aggressive stripes looks like she turned her Hogwarts scarf into a belt. The purse feels a little too much like product placement, but honestly, hard to fault her for that because in a sense ALL of styling could be described thusly, and sometimes it’s just clumsier than others.

By the way, her right sleeve also matches the back:

Celebrities Stop by Build Series

It does provide interest any which way she turns, but still, I wonder what it would look like with the patterns rationed differently. You could do sleeves and back in one pattern and front in another, or sleeves plus a strop down the middle of the back, connected by the collar, or… sleeves and the top half of the back? Take your pick, I suppose. But listen, it’s polished and put-together, which is more than we can say for many of the megastars of this world. What a pleasure to be splitting these hairs rather than witnessing whether she waxed any of her sensitively located ones.